This watch has been designed to commemorate Alexander Cooper's debut film "SANDOW" 2018.  The film is available to view at


An Alexander Cooper Film


What builds the perfect man ?

An impressionable Launceston Elliot (Alexander Cooper) comes under the spell of the iconic Sandow The Magnificent, a performing circus strongman. He seeks him out as his mentor to train him for the Olympics. Written, produced and directed by Alexander Cooper, and introducing Timo Kervinen as Sandow.

"A decent effort for Alexander Cooper's directorial debut. The performances given here were believable and well done." 7.4/10 Pick It Or Flick It

"I liked the story and the director was clearly passionate about his work." - Madness Cinema

"Sandow is a perfect example of British Indie Film" - 8/10 Moustache Movie News

"True film making alchemy from a first-time British Director on the cusp of breaking through the indie film scene....Alexander Cooper takes you back to a time when legends were built...Sandow is the kind of film you remember afterwards and want to watch again" - Boyd Davis

"the only thing I could say was good movie but what I really meant was Really Fucking Great Movie" - Christopher



SANDOW rectangular dress watch